• you can get help any time by pressing F1
  • any group of items can be printed as price list, just use the corresponding toolbar button
  • if "Additional information" is enabled on the toolbar, you can browse additional information about the item
  • if "Additional image" is enabled on the toolbar, you can open additional images of the item
  • you can click an image to zoom in
  • double-click an item to add it to your order
  • put the mouse cursor over any button on the toolbar to get its description
  • you can apply different sorting rules for the item list. Just right-click the list area to select a rule
  • use CTRL to add only selected items to your printed catalog
  • right-click menu provides additional options for managing product lists
  • you can update your product catalog over the internet: "Update" -> "Update data"
  • items of the catalog can be represented in a slide show using built-in capabilities of the program
  • you can print every item of your catalog separately
  • any group of items can be printed as illustrated catalog


Product Catalog Builder v.14.0
The new version has been released.


Options of the Same Product

When creating a list of your products in Product Catalog Builder, you may discover that some products have almost the same properties. As an example, we can take T-shirts. One T-shirt may be available in several sizes: S, M, L, XL...



Jeff Stanley

Sales director and co-owner of A-Tracks

I'm writing just to thank you for the amazing program. It never occured to me that an electronic product catalog could save so much time and money. The last time I counted it was a four-digit figure. Can't help thinking I should have found it earlier...

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Did you know that... can get help any time by pressing F1

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